• Why does Amazon have multiple vendors with different pricing for the same item?

    Posted on by Paul Benfield

    Why does Amazon have multiple vendors with different pricing for the same item? (Amazon) is similar to the meaning of the Amazon Rainforest, the largest rainforest in the world. Amazon is an amazing and large selling platform. Today, this platform has many options to buy a particular product which can confuse buyers if they don't understand the difference. In this blog, I will do my best to explain a few different reasons to educate you on your buying decision.
    Where does the item come from?Sometimes you have the option of buying from Amazon...this could mean they have the item in their warehouse or are "drop shipping" from another vendor. Drop shipping means the item is being shipped direct from the manufacturers warehouse. It will typically take 3-5 business days within the continental USA to receive an item once the order is confirmed and ready to ship.

    Why will an item state in the description area that there are various offerings of the same item and only put one above for me to add to my cart? We call this the "buy box" Amazon rotates the vendors based on their reviews and order process history from these vendors-we jokingly refer to as "the Buy Gods" getting in the buy box takes time and doing good business through Amazon.

    Why is there a variance in price?

    It can be for various reasons such as used condition vs. new, Amazon carries the item and can price it for what they want or the suggested seller (one of the offerings) is violating what we call MAP (Minimum Advertised Price). This happens often which is why at we represent vendors that have protected pricing called MAP so that the items aren't "cheapened" by selling below value. The vendors (fabricators) make quality items and want their products represented well by stocking dealers such as that have the vendor backing so you get your items fast and a live person should things go wrong and you need to file a claim if the item was shipped broken.
    Cheaper isn't always better so beware if someone is selling a penny or a few dollars below MAP.

    Price fluctuations on Amazon?

    Our most common experience with price fluctuation among suggested sellers is during the weekends. Some suggested sellers will violate MAP (minimum advertised price) on the weekends thinking no one is watching as most distribution centers (wholesalers) are closed on the weekend. Then they raise their pricing on Monday to avoid being in MAP violation thus potentially loosing their account. Do you really want to buy from a suggested seller that uses these practices? Amazon gives you the from them or others based on reviews and allowing you to ask the sellers a question at any time!

    At we sell the same pricing all the time unless there is a price increase which happens for select vendors a few times a year. A missed (fabricator wholesale) price increase is another way that a suggested seller can be way under price everyone else selling the same item.
    Beware, if the item is low cost- they may cancel the order after you have placed it within a day once they realize it's not profitable for them to fulfill your order. This can be very frustrating for the consumer.

    As Amazon continues to grow and service customers Internationally it's important to understand why that company is in the buy box, why they are the "cheapest", and that you have a choice on which vendor to purchase your item. Deciding what you want is only half the battle...buying from "whom" within the Amazon platform is the most important. Shop smart designer at!

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  • Accessories and Home Decor Orlando

    Posted on by Paul Benfield

    Vital Importance of Accessories-Home Decor Orlando

    Accessories are like jewelry for your home they add character, warmth and provide a visual statement. You may find yourself spending just as much or even more time shopping for accessories as you do for furniture. Furniture makes up the majority of items in Orlando homes but accessories are much more significant. Accessories are meant to work together to create a space that visually expresses the home owners design style.


    Why are accessories so vital?

    Accessories give an insight to your guest as to who you are. It creates an environment that is welcoming and enjoyable not only for your family but your guests as well. Home decor and accessories are the final touches to complete a room or space. All rooms need that special touch to enhance the space and highlight your unique furniture pieces. Using accessories can make a space feel larger, feel comfortable, add color and style. Using color and texture can completely change the character of a room. Floral arrangements are a small enhancement that will make a big difference in a room and add in some color and character.


    What do you want your home to say about you?

    In order to accessorize you need to know your ultimate goal you wish to accomplish in your home or space. For some their home is a place to showcase memories and family life therefor it may be accessorized with memorabilia, life achievements and family photos. For others who love to travel they may find themselves accessorizing with items from unique places or other valuable items to showcase their design style. Knowing where and what you will be using the accessories for will help figure out how you wish to complement each space.


    Shop for accessories and home decor at Chachkies new retail store in the Artegon Marketplace - Orlando, FL.

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  • Expanded Showroom in Lake Mary, FL

    Posted on by Paul Benfield

    Chachkies and FLQ Interior Design's New Lighting and Home Decor Design Showroom in Lake Mary, FL


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